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We Provide

Software Development

We provide web-based software solutions. Like CMS customization, Theme development, Theme customization, specifically in HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel,Node.Js &Wordpress.

Virus and Spyware Removal

We can remove viruses, spyware or malware injected into your application or site. SEO hijack solution, Japanese or Russian or Chinese keyword hacking solution.

Hack Recovery

We provide post and pre-hacking solutions. WordPress hacking solutions at a cost-effective price with a money-back guarantee. We remove malicious code from the hosting server of any application.

Organic Whitehat SEO

We provide organic white SEO service with a google satisfaction rank. Both on-page and off-page SEO services are available within a time limit. Digital branding and social media boosting are a plus with SEO services.

Graphics Design

We do logo and banner design by storming the brain depending on your requirement. Besides this image optimization, sizing, re-touching, color scheme, SVG, jpg, png, and any king of type conversation is available.

Server Administration

Are you suffering from Windows or Linux or any Unix-based server administration? We provide the solution of administration on servers, managed switches, firewalls,s and whole network system with load-testing too.

Web Page Speedup

We provide solutions for page optimization in various testing like google page insights, Gtmetrix, and Pingdom with a satisfactory score. we do optimization at both the application and server levels.

Bot and Voting Automation

We are here to help you with voting system automation and any kind of bot-like email sender, autoresponder, Millions of emails collection, and email validation for marketing automation.

Others Services

We provide penetration testing, System audit, forensics investigation, Hardening, Vulnerability assessment, Cyber Security, SSL, & SUCURI/Cloudflare WAP firewall integration.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We deeply think in the case of solutions and provides satisfactory service. We always attempt to create new ways and techniques to provide the solutions for your requirements.

We provide complete solution so that you can trust.

We are just freelancers and do not have any physical office services. So we can help you, no matter where from you. We provide full and competitive solutions so that you no need to be a worry. 

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We are committed to after-sales support. Our secure system will deliver you a secure solution. We provide robust reusable solutions so that you can grow them furthermore without our help in the future.







What People Are Saying

"It was great to work with. He is as he says. A knowledgeable, trustworthy developer who goes above and beyond to make sure that websites are secure and safe. "
Nathan French

CEO, Nomadlabs

"I have worked with them for several years now and continue to work with them in areas related to website development/maintenance, SEO, and social media. They are very knowledgeable and talented, conscientious, reliable, and easy to work them. I highly recommend them."
Mike Cobb

Writer, Innovanet

"Initially, a few years ago, one of our clients suffered a major wordpress hack affecting over a dozen websites. I hired him to lead our team through the effort and to make sure that this was not going to be a recurring issue. He was extremely professional and was able to get all of the websites repaired in record time. Additionally, he was able to implement measures that have led to zero hacks since then. His easygoing style has allowed us to continue to work with him on other projects, and since then he is our first choice with all of our wordpress work. I highly recommend him, and hope others can benefit from his skill and wisdom."
Igor Inski

Project Manager, Mervick marven

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