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Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are
We are freelancers and open-source contributors. We are a simple small team to provide solutions to our valuable customers.
Where we located
Actually, we have a small office in Newyork but we do not provide any physical service from there. We are a team from three different countries.
What we deliver
Please have a look at our service page. The services mentioned there we provide those.
How we process payment
Do not worry we allow many payment methods and payment gateways.
Service time
We are available most of the time in a shifting rotation to provide valuable service to you.
How we manage our customers
As we are a dedicated team, we have internal software and communication system to manage all tasks and communication among us.
Do we provide TAX?
Yes, we provide tax to the US government.
Any physical support?
Sometimes it depends on clients’ requirements. We only provide on-spot service in the USA.

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